At this time, we are not scheduling appointments for full body grooms. We can accommodate light trims such as feet, face, and sanitary only.

No time for a self wash? We can help! Call us at (414) 491-5508 or email us at to schedule a bath instead!

Prices vary based on size, coat condition, and temperament.

Services Available:

Just a Bath (includes wash and dry only): Call or email for a quote!

Mini Groom (bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning): Call or email for a quote!

Area Trim (face, feet, and/or sanitary trim): Begins at $5 per area, based on size, coat condition, and temperament

Nail Trim: $14

Nail Grind: $18

Teeth Cleaning: $5

Ear Cleaning: $6

Anal Gland Expression: $16

To accommodate our other customers, all dogs must be picked up within one hour of grooming completion. Late pick ups will result in an additional $10 boarding fee per hour.

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