Our Philosophy

The type of training we utilize here is “Balanced” Training. This means we incorporate markers, consistency and structure, positive reinforcement, and all sorts of communicative tools such as prong collar and e-collars. With our belief that every dog is unique, every case will be assessed and individualized to fit you and your dog. Our goal is to teach you just as much as your dog, and for you to succeed as a team.

Our Team

Meet Bella

She is our Lead Trainer who specializes in service dogs, pet training, and behavior modification.


My story with dogs began when I was very young. Circa 2013, I volunteered with my family at various dog rescues. A few years later my mother decided to open up her own dog rescue where I then gained lots of experience in grooming, medication administration, and most exciting, training. I played around with all sorts of training with our fosters. From target training, to fun tricks, and obedience.

Fast forward a few years, my health declined. I found myself in need of a service dog, which introduced me into a whole new world of training. With my past knowledge and skills with dogs, I fully raised and trained a brilliant successful medical alert service dog “Mango” who I now also use as my demo dog in training sessions.

Since then I have been working closely with trainers to further my education and hands on experience. I now train service dogs, pets, behavior modification cases, and offer AKC testing.



Consultation: $20 for daycare clients $30 for non-daycare clients

Training Packages

Beginner Obedience Package

$250 for 6 sessions or $50 a session

Intermediate Obedience Package

$250 for 6 sessions or $50 a session

Advanced Obedience Package

$250 for 6 sessions or $50 a session

Behavior Modification Package

$400 for 6 sessions or $75 per session

Board and Trains

Our Board and Trains include 2 free sessions after training to teach you everything they learned during their time with us and how to continue it!

Obedience Board and Train 2+ Weeks

$1200 a week, 2 week minimum

Obedience Boot Camp 5 Weeks


Puppy Board and Train 2 Weeks

$2000, up to six months of age

Behavior Modification Board and Train 2+ Weeks

$1500 a week, 2 week minimum

Behavior Modification Boot Camp 5 Weeks


AKC Testing

Puppy S.T.A.R. Test: $25

CGC Canine Good Citizen: $25

CGCU Canine Good Citizen Urban: $25

CGCA Canine Good Citizen Advanced: $25

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