Self Wash Station

This service allows you to bring in your pup to wash without making a mess at home! We have different types of shampoos and conditioners available to fit the needs of each individual dog.

Our self wash station is on first come, first served basis and is open from 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Friday.

Prices are based on weight and include a wash and dry only (Brushes for short hair/smooth coated dogs are available in drying station).

Small (Under 20lbs): $14

Medium (20lbs - 49lbs): $16

Large (50lbs - 80lbs): $20

Giant (80+lbs): $25

Brushing Station Do you have an extra fluffy dog that needs a little more attention? Does your pup have a serious shedding problem? Good news! We have a separate Brushing Station for a flat fee of just $10 so you can work on brushing, raking, fluffing, and de-matting for as long as you need!

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